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How has the Coronavirus lockdown affected us?

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05/29/2020 - 15:14 / barenco / Tags: Store Update Delivery

We are part of the radio communications industry. We manufacture and supply components to put up aerials and as such have been hit by the stoppage of sporting and public events. It has been necessary for us to continue working to satisfy our industrial and military customers internationally. We have seen an increase of orders from radio amateurs. Amateurs are always keen to upgrade their systems so that they can communicate across the world. The recent spate of good weather has definitely helped. Not everyone enjoys gardening. 


Our connectors are manufactured in China and there has been difficulty getting them shipped in. Many people are not aware that commercial packages are often transported on passenger airlines. As these are now cancelled all freight has to be imported by cargo plane. Space is limited and priority is rightfully given to medical equipment and supplies. We are lucky with our suppliers and one has even offered to send us masks free of charge. 


As a small family business it has been easy to work out the logistics. One member working from home whilst a husband and wife team run the office. Our final member, we call our office angel, is isolated but we keep in contact and even send pictures of her work piling up awaiting the all clear for her to return. 


Will our company survive?

Yes, we are certain we can get through this. We are also certain that life will never return exactly as it was before. There are still people alive today that remember World War II, but even they were not confined to their homes, locked away from their loved ones. They may however, remember their mother having to queue for food at shops but, not 2 metres from their friend or neighbour in front of them. Never has there been anything like this in our life time and we pray there never will again.