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New website goes live for Barenco Ltd..

24 September 2019 / barenco / Barenco
We are pleased to announce that our new website is now Live!
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UK British Made Engineering

09 January 2020 / barenco / British Engineering
We feel that Barenco is a company demonstrating British Engineering at its best. For over 35 years we have built up a reputation for design and manufacturer of innovative anntena hardware support systems for the communications industry.
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New product range XS system

19 February 2020 / barenco / Products
We have been busy working on a new range of products that make up a modular system, we have called this range the XS-system. 
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How has the Coronavirus lockdown affected us?

07 May 2020 / barenco / Store Update, Delivery
We are part of the radio communications industry. We manufacture and supply components to put up aerials and as such have been hit by the stoppage of sporting and public events.
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