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We offer Yaesu rotators and bearings and our specially designed BE465Y bracket. This bracket enables a (Bell type) rotator to be side mounted onto a static pole. Thus increasing the stability and reducing the wear on the rotator bearings and subsequently increasing the life of the rotator. It is necessary to use a top bearing with this system. Adaptor plates for 2- 3" poles is available.

If you are unable to find the hardware to complete your ideal project please contact the sales office as we are happy to help you find the perfect item for your project. Call us today on +44 (0)1949 860400. 



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ImagePart NumberMaterialTypePack QtyStockPriceQty
  • BE465Y
BE465YSherardizedRotator Platform Brackets for Yaesu1£71.52
  • BE466 -1
BE466AluminiumAdaptor plates for BE465Y from 2" - 3" pole1£36.23
  • G-1000DXC
G-1000DXCPowder CoatedYaesu G-1000DXC1£416.63
  • G-2800DXC
G-2800DXCPowder CoatedYaesu G-2800DXC Extra Heavy-Duty Rotator1£774.96
  • G-450CDC - Yaesu G-450C Light/Medium-Duty Rotator
G-450CDCPowder CoatedYaesu G-450C Light/Medium-Duty Rotator1£283.29
  • GC-038 - Mast Clamps for Yaesu for G-450 to G-1000 Rotators
GC-038Powder CoatedMast Clamps for Yaesu for G-450 to G-1000 Rotators1£24.96
  • GC-048 Mast Clamps for Yaesu for G-800 to G-2800 rotators
GC-048Powder CoatedMast Clamps for Yaesu for G-800 to G-2800 rotators1£46.04
  • GS-065
GS-065Powder CoatedGS065 Yaesu Thrust Bearing1£49.95
  • Yaesu plug for rotator Black
ROT-PLUGPlasticYaesu plug for rotator Black1£22.46