Wall brackets for support of poles to walls from 4" to 36" clearance.

Wall Bracket

We stock an extensive range of brackets and hardware to allow you to fix a pole to a building. Our T brackets range from 9" - 24" clearance, whereas our K Brackets range from 9" - 36" clearance. We also manufacture one of the largest ranges of Channel Brackets in the industry. All made from steel with either a galvanized or Sheradized finish.  If you are looking for a lightweight product we off an aluminium version with a short stand-off. You will also find our Cable stand-off brackets in this section designed to be used when using a rotator.

If you have an unusual requirement or need some advice on any of the items below or a special project you are working on, please contact our sales office on  +44 (0)1949 860400. We manufacture our metalwork in house, so we have the facilities to manufacture special one-off brackets for projects. 



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ImagePart NumberMaterialClearancePole Size 1TypePack QtyStockPriceQty
  • BE303/2
BE303/2BE303.pdf200.73 KBSherardized60mm1.5" - 2"Gable End Bracket 2.25" Clearance (60 mm)1£6.78
  • BE303
BE303/3BE303_0.pdf200.73 KBSherardized60mm2.25" - 3"Gable End Bracket 2.25" Clearance (60 mm) 3" U/V Bolt1£6.78
  • BE304
BE304BE304.pdf201.45 KBSherardized5.75"2" (50.8mm)Gable End Bracket 5.75" Clearance (145 mm)1£7.37
  • BE305
BE305BE305.pdf202.64 KBSherardized4"2" (50.8mm)4" Channel Bracket1£9.39
  • BE306
BE306BE306.pdf203.43 KBSherardized6"2" (50.8mm)6" Channel Bracket1£10.56
  • BE307
BE307BE307.pdf199.82 KBAluminium1.5" - 2"1.5" - 2" Colinear Mounting Bracket1£10.48
  • BE309
BE309BE309.pdf178.77 KBSherardized5"2.25" - 3"5" Channel Bracket1£17.33
  • BE310
BE310BE310.pdf179.49 KBSherardized8"2"8" Channel Bracket1£11.74
  • BE401/09
BE401/09BE401-09.pdf182.12 KBSherardized9" (235mm)1.9" (48.3mm) - 3" (76.2mm)K Wall Bracket1£19.76
  • 12" Clearance K Bracket BE401/12
BE401/12BE401-12.pdf182.46 KBSherardized12" (310mm)1.9" (48.3mm) - 3" (76.2mm)K Wall Bracket1£21.53
  • 18" Clearance K Bracket BE401/18
BE401/18BE401-18.pdf183.34 KBSherardized18" (460mm)1.9" (48.3mm) - 3" (76.2mm)K Wall Bracket1£24.00
  • BE401/24
BE401/24BE401-24.pdf184.26 KBSherardized24" (615mm)1.9" (48.3mm) - 3" (76.2mm)K Wall Bracket1£28.33
  • BE401/36
BE401/36BE401-36.pdf185.27 KBSherardized36" (915mm)1.9" (48.3mm) - 3" (76.2mm)K Wall Bracket1£61.74
  • BE402/09
BE402/09BE402-09.pdf188.62 KBGalvanized9" (235mm)1.9" (48.3mm) - 3" (76.2mm)T Wall Bracket1£11.43
  • BE402/12
BE402/12BE402-12_0.pdf187.53 KBSherardized12" (310mm)1.9" (48.3mm) - 3" (76.2mm)T Wall Bracket1£13.03
  • BE402/18
BE402/18BE402-18.pdf186.88 KBSherardized18" (460mm)1.9" (48.3mm) - 3" (76.2mm)T Wall Bracket1£14.32
  • BE402/24
BE402/24BE402-24.pdf185.94 KBGalvanized24" (615mm)1.9" (48.3mm) - 3" (76.2mm)T Wall Bracket1£17.48
  • BE502/01
BE502/01BE502.pdf166.69 KBGalvanized1"Cable Stand off Bracket1£7.94
  • BE502/2
BE502/02BE502-02.pdf167.94 KBGalvanized2"Cable Stand off Bracket1£8.93
  • BE502/03
BE502/03BE502-03.pdf170.28 KBSherardized3"Cable Stand off Bracket1£8.93
  • BE713/03
BE713/03BE713-03.pdf179.88 KBSherardized3" (76.2mm)1.5"Light Duty Wall Bracket1£5.86
  • BE713/06
BE713/06BE713-06.pdf182.6 KBSherardized6" (152.4mm)2" (50.8mm)Light Duty Wall Bracket1£6.51
  • BE715/02
BE715/02BE715-02.pdf184.51 KBSherardized2" (50.8mm)2" (50.8mm)Heavy Duty Wall Bracket1£18.24
  • BE715/06
BE715/06BE715-06.pdf185.38 KBSherardized6" (152.4mm)2" (50.8mm)Heavy Duty Wall Bracket1£19.25
  • BE715/09
BE715/09BE715-09.pdf186.22 KBGalvanized9" (228.6mm)2" (50.8mm)Heavy Duty Wall Bracket1£20.13
  • BE715/12
BE715/12BE715-12.pdf186.91 KBSherardized12" (304.8mm)2" (50.8mm)Heavy Duty Wall Bracket1£20.83