Sticky pad and screw fixed cable mounts

Cable Mounts

Cable mounts allow you to fix a wire or a cable bundle into a harness or a panel. Mounts are usually used with nylon cable ties to secure cables to walls and ceilings, desks and other structures. 




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imagePart NumberDataLengthMaterialColourHeightBase Size mm (A x B)Maximum Tie WidthScrew SizeWidthPack QtyStockPriceQty
170631170625PlasticNatural5mm19mm x 19mm100£5.62
170626170626/100PlasticNatural5mm20.0 x 20.03.6 mm100£5.62
170630170630PlasticNatural5mm25mm x 25mm100£6.21
170631170631/100PlasticNatural7 mm28.0 x 28.04.8 mm100£6.21
170650170650/100PlasticNatural9mm23.0 x 15.09 mmM5100£4.13
170660170660/100PlasticNatural5 mm19.1 x 9.5M4100£2.85
170690170690/10045 mmPlasticBlack12.5 mm12.5 x 12.59 mm12.5 mm100£9.48
170825170825/100PlasticBlack5mm19.0 x 19.0100£5.62
170826170826/100PlasticBlack5 mm20.0 x 20.03.6 mm100£5.62
170831170831/100PlasticBlack7 mm28.0 x 28.04.8 mm100£7.94
170885170885/100PlasticBlack9 mm23.0 x 15.09 mmM5100£4.13
170890170890/100PlasticBlack5 mm19.1 x 9.5M4100£2.85