BNC Male and Female connection to large range of alternative connectors.

BNC Adaptor

BNC Connector (acronym of " Bayonet Neill-Concelman") is a miniature quick connect/disconnect radio frequency connector used for coaxial cable. 

Mating is fully achieved with a quarter turn of the coupling nut. BNC Connectors are manufactured for 50Ω and 75Ω impedance applications, such as Radio -frequency equipment, Television, test instruments and video signals (CCTV). The BNC was originally designed for military use and has gained wide acceptance in video and RF applications to 2 GHz. Typically the male connector is fitted to a cable, and the female to a panel on equipment.


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ImagePart NumberConnector 1Connector 2RoSH ComplianceMaterialTypePack QtyStockPriceQty
  • 166005
166005BNC Plug (Male)SMA Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£3.14
  • 166500
166500RBNC Socket (Female)SMA Plug (Male)YNickel1£2.81
  • 166600
166600166600 - BNC socket : SMA socket adaptor.pdf68.58 KBBNC Socket (Female)SMA Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£4.20
  • 166605
166605BNC Socket (Female)UHF Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£2.94
  • 166635
166635BNC Socket (Female)SMA Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£3.30
  • 166702
166702BNC Plug (Male)F Plug (Male)YNickelStraight1£1.65
  • 166705
166705BNC Plug (Male)SMA Plug (Male)YNickelStraight1£3.36
  • 170285
170285170285 - BNC plug : N socket adaptor.pdf67.67 KBBNC Plug (Male)N Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£1.98
  • 170290
170290BNC Plug (Male)Phono Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£0.83
  • 170292
170292BNC Plug (Male)Phono Plug (Male)YNickelStraight1£1.16
  • 170295
170295BNC Plug (Male)UHF Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£2.77
  • 170300
170300BNC Plug (Male)TNC Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£2.81
  • 170302
170302BNC Plug (Male)TNC Plug (Male)YNickelStraight1£6.27
  • 170305
170305BNC Plug (Male)Belling Lee Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£0.99
  • 170307
170307BNC Plug (Male)Belling Lee Plug (Male)YNickelStraight1£1.16
  • 170310
170310BNC Plug (Male)Mini UHF Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£3.47
  • 170315
170315BNC Plug (Male)F Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£1.16
  • 170384
170384BNC Socket (Female)Phono Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£1.16
  • 170460
170460RBNC Socket (Female)3.5 Audio Plug (Male)YNickel1£2.15
  • 170480
170480BNC Plug (Male)FME Plug (Male)YNickelStraight1£2.48

Additional RF-Adapters

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170305BNC Plug (Male)Belling Lee Socket (Female)YNickelStraight1£0.99 Add to cart